FRAM eats out: Tayyabs London


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We are still here if you were wondering, just really busy with our new project and particularly busy with the lil one that doesn’t sit in one place longer than 2 minutes, which makes our lives quite a bit more complicated. We’re not complaining she is active and smart (maybe too smart for her own good sometimes ;)).

Anyway I am back to tell you that we had an amazing lunch this Sunday, with a good friend, at one of the most talked about restaurants in London: Tayyabs.


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Hello friends,

I am really sorry for all the silence for the past few weeks, but we’ve been back to Romania to visit family and friends and to introduce Fiona to all the generations.

It’s been a tiring journey, but a nice one as well, as we got to see our loved ones and Fiona got to meet her grandparents and grand grandparents.


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Hand made love: Miga de pan


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There are so many talented people out there, it’s so hard to keep track! I browse and browse and am amazed!

I have to be honest, I also find it a bit annoying that  I don’t seem to have a particular talent and they do…or at least I haven’t discovered yet what it is.. I hope I will soon!! I wish it to be bread baking :).

Anyway, I’ve discovered Miga de pan for a while now and I am in awe of the things two hands can create. Lovely, delicate objects that you wish you can have in your house.


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Fiona’s first ride will be an Early Rider Spherovelo Juno


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We can hardly wait for Fi to be able to ride! To have her own set of wheels! She is still tiny for now and very wobbly on her little feet, but we have found just the thing for her and we will be getting it soon! Though, to be honest, I have no idea how we are going to  decide between the red one and the mint one, as I love them both! I’ll probably let Alex decide ;).

Soooooo… I present to you: Early Rider Spherovelo Juno


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Give away: Collégien slippers – Winner announced


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When I was a little girl I used to have a pair of red shoes that I was desperately in love with. I wouldn’t want to wear any other shoes under any circumstance! Any occasion would be a good occasion to wear my red shoes.

Here am I and my red shoes (I do realise the picture is in black and white…but imagine them being red ;)).


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Two things I love today: Cereal and Polestar Hearth


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Since Fiona was born I didn’t really have the time to read much, even though I miss it terribly. So, I have ordered some books and can’t wait for them to be delivered.

Until then I fell in love, completely, with this magazine that Alex has bought for me the other day and I really had to tell you about it.

It’s called Cereal and it’s such an amazing read! Honestly it’s the first magazine I have read entirely in my whole life.

This is the cover of the second edition, I wish I could find the first one, but it appears to be sold out..(sorry for stealing your image guys, but it’s just lovely!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 17.34.39

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Whimsical collection: Billieblush


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Hello dears,

I hope you had a nice Easter break. We did, even though the weather was soooooo unfriendly and cold. We’ve spent most of the weekend driving and eating amazing food in really old pubs.

We are back now and London is still grey, but here is something to remind us of spring: the first Billieblush collection.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 17.54.18

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 17.53.51

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Happy Easter everyone!



We don’t celebrate Easter this weekend in FRAM land, but we will be celebrating it on the 5th of May this year, however I just wanted to wish everyone who is celebrating it this weekend a Happy Easter with lots of sunshine and the most magnificent eggs.

We have a long tradition of decorating Easter eggs in Romania and some of them are just amazing, like these ones created by our friend Claudiu Benciu and Alex while they were working together at an advertising agency in Bucharest. Cool right?



I am off now as lots of things to do..tomorrow we leave for the Cotswolds for the long weekend. Yuhuuuu!!!

Wednesday favourites: it’s all about gold


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It’s still cold in London, really, really cold and I can’t wait for Spring to arrive as I have some gorgeous new shoes I am so keen to wear, yes the gold ones in this picture ;).

I’ve been browsing the internet much more these days as we couldn’t really go out for a walk and here are some definite favourites ;)


1. & other stories leather flats  2. Monica Vinader Siren Ring  3. & other stories rubber inlay bracelet  4. Gold and cream tote bag  6. Astley Clarke Guide to the Galaxy rings


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