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A couple of days ago I told you about my first white sourdough baked this year.

Today I am going to tell you about the second one. Still not perfect, but definitely improved. Baked all the way through, with a good oven spring due to preheating the oven and stone for much longer (1hr and 20 minutes to be exact) and a better crumb (potentially from the increased hydration – I went for a 67% hydration level for this one, compared to almost 65% for the first one).


I followed pretty much the same recipe and method as for the first boule, the only difference for the recipe was in the hydration level of the final dough.

So you still have the same time schedule, the same ingredients for the preferment and the same baker’s percentage for the preferment.


Here are the ingredients for the final bread and the baker’s percentages for this new formula.

Recipe for 1 loaf (67% hydration)

Ingredients for bread

Ingredient Quantity    Baker’s %
Preferment 245gr 72%
Strong white flour 340gr 100%
Water 192gr 56%
Salt 8gr 2.30%


Final baker’s percentage (including preferment)

Ingredient Quantity    Baker’s %
Strong white flour 455gr 100%
Water 307gr 67.47%
Sourdough culture 15gr 3.29%
Salt 8gr 1.75%

For this bread I used the same strong organic white flour from Shipton Mill.


The method I used was the same, apart from pre-heating the oven and baking stone for 1h and 20 minutes rather than just 20 minutes.


The results are just amazing! When a loaf like this comes out of my oven I just wonder why I have ever bought bread from a shop, why? Why?

This time the bottom wasn’t cracked anymore, the bread was baked all the way through and the crumble was much better. As for the taste: divine!

What do you think? Better?

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